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Bryan JJ Buckley Full-stack Internet Builder

Looking for an interesting senior software-development position in a forward-thinking Berlin or remote team using Go, Ruby, Elixir, Javascript or Python.


  1. BSc in Software Development and Computer Networks CIT (Cork Institute of Technology)
  2. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Cisco Networking Academy


    • Intern
    • Software Developer
    • Senior Software Engineer

    Dialogic (formerly Eicon Networks) are a global manufacturer of ISDN and DSL hardware. After doing my work experience there as part of the BSc in Software Development and Computer Networks, I was hired as a software engineer for the embedded team. There I worked primarily on protocol stacks for the various firmwares (always in C). After some time, I moved onto developing Windows drivers in C++. I discovered first Python and then Ruby whilst looking for a solution to improve the build system for a newly acquired line of ISDN modems and their driver packages. I later had the opportunity to write an early Rails application which generates certificates for enabling driver features in the Eicon telephony hardware range. Thus encouraged, I decided to work on Rails full-time.

    • Senior Software Developer
    • Architect

    Travel IQ was my first experience with a start-up, and it brought me to Berlin. In 2006, after a telephone interview with the CTO, I was asked to come to Berlin to meet the team of the fledgeling startup. I moved to Friedrichshain in February 2007, and worked with Mathias and 4 part-time students to get the app online for August 1st. After the launch, as senior developer/architect in an expanding team, we set about re-writing the platform for Rails 2. In October 2008, version 2 was live, and in 2009, the company was aquired by Check24. Mission accomplished, I left to travel.

    • IT Consultant
    • Software Solutions Vendor

    In between travels, I’ve done some project work for eBay GmbH in Dreilinden. I’ve whipped together a gem for using the eBay Trading API, and have built a couple of Rails apps (one in Rails 2.3, and a more recent one Rails 3.2) which are used for ranking signed-up users by their eBay trading data. The apps are used internally by eBay to encourage customer engagement, and to push particular verticals as needed. Other work includes a HTML5 photo-gallery (my first introduction to CarrierWave), and a mobile front-end to the eBay Open Global Competition app. As this is likely to continue, I spend some spare time improving the eBay Open JSON API, and the open-source eBayR gem.

    • Software Solutions Vendor

    I was contracted by SAP to build an internal application, to manage their security division’s penetration tests every year. The app is mostly a straightforward PostgreSQL backed RoR application, with incrementally more detailed views for increasing levels of user responsibility, with facilities to import data from Excel spreadsheets, and to generate PDF reports. The app is continuously deployed in a docker container upon SAP’s internal PaaS system.

    • Software Consultant

    For DaWanda, I was the senior consultant on several of their projects, the largest and most challenging of which were the rearchitcture of their backend system (to an elastic, zero-downtime distributed VS cluster), and the overhaul of their UI to a mobile-first, responsive layout for all user-facing pages. I returned in 2014 to provide a Sinatra replacement for their core legacy Rails app for their API services. In between were several short projects, including improving their image-uploading services, remodelling some of their MySQL database, and designing and coding miscellaneous APIs and gems for their consumption.

    • CTO

    TrainMySelf GmbH was a company founded in 2011 by three guys from South Tyrol and me (as CTO and lead - sometimes only - developer). The idea was to produce an iPhone and Android app that delivers customized training plans to marathon runners. Over its latter years, we hired a couple of additional developers part-time and graphic designers, and it grew to more of an app-platform - with an administration interface to allow customization of the mobile apps, and a delivery system for PhoneGap applications, all powered by a JSON API which generates the training plans (in three languages). TrainMySelf GmbH was disbanded in 2015, after shifting the focus of the platform to health and recuperation apps. I took the opportunity thereafter to travel around the Americas for a year.

    • Software Consultant

    I joined Movinga in February 2016 just as they were looking to replace their entire PHP stack with something shinier. Along with the V.P. of product and the global head of engineering, we designed and prototyped a scalable and comprehensive platform to integrate Salesforce, various payment providers, logistics, intelligent pricing, and an ops admin interface into a coherent and maintainable software stack. As part of this reboot, as well as leading early development, I was involved in the co-ordination of outsourced programming talent, hiring in-house, training up existing PHP developers to work with Rails, and fostering a tech-driven culture of balanced teams as the company grew rapidly. Over the course of the year, we expanded the team from 2 Ruby developers to over 30, and built a fully cloud-native micro-services architecture, with complete automated test coverage and a CI/CD pipeline based around Docker, Git and the GitLab CI runner.

    • Chief Consultant

    Between long-term projects, I like to keep busy in a wide range of areas - creating toy mobile apps, making and running websites for small businesses, working on numerous open-source projects, evaluating and advising on network technology or software stacks, etc. As this kind of general consultant, I am free to expand my skillset outside of narrow specialisations, while delivering solutions to those who need weird and wonderful things.

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